Financial Assessment Platform

ISAGI Technologies


ISAGI Technologies, a fintech startup specializing in detailed financial reports, had an existing system that integrated with Experian and Open Banking to gather financial data for sector-specific reports. These reports streamlined financial information for their B2B clients, saving time and costs compared to traditional manual methods of compiling data from bank statements.

By September 2022, ISAGI began gaining traction in the market and aimed to onboard major corporate clients. Inflecto was engaged to evaluate ISAGI's system scalability to meet anticipated demands. Inflecto discovered that while functional, the original system lacked scalability and would struggle with future demands and planned functionalities outlined in ISAGI's roadmap.

Subsequently, Inflecto was tasked with designing and implementing a secure and scalable platform to support ISAGI's future growth objectives.


Inflecto collaborated with Experian and TrueLayer, ISAGI's primary Open Banking provider, to strategically integrate their systems. We designed an infrastructure that heavily utilizes Azure serverless compute through Azure Functions and Queues, ensuring the scalability required for processing large volumes of data efficiently.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with Royal Mail for address accuracy, Experian for credit report data, and TrueLayer for open banking data. Additionally, we leverage Experian's advanced AI models on AWS SageMaker, including their Categorization as a Service (CaaS) model, to enrich bank transaction data.

This versatile system empowers ISAGI to create custom reports, tailor branding and communication channels, and assign them to specific sectors or clients as needed, facilitating rapid deployment to new markets.

Given the sensitive nature of the data handled, our platform incorporates robust security measures including multiple layers of encryption, data segregation, automated testing, and external vulnerability scanning to ensure data integrity and security.


ISAGI System Screenshot


The new platform successfully launched in July 2023, without disruption, leading to steady growth for ISAGI ever since. It has consistently met demands and scaled effectively during peak periods.

Looking ahead to early 2024, Inflecto is enhancing the platform by introducing a Customer API tailored for larger clients. This enhancement is scheduled for release in April 2024.


I am pleased to provide a strong recommendation for Inflecto based on their consistent ability to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Their team's technical proficiency and proactive approach have played a pivotal role in supporting ISAGI's rapid expansion.

Inflecto has not only met but exceeded our expectations, consistently providing exceptional support and showcasing remarkable adaptability to evolving requirements.

They have become a trusted and reliable partner for ISAGI, and I wholeheartedly endorse their services.

Richie Pindor , Commercial Director, ISAGI Technologies

CRM, Payrol, Rostering and Chat System

Friends Helping at Home


Friends Helping at Home are an introductory care agency who take self-employed carers and clients and match them together.

In February 2021 FHAH contacted Inflecto as demand for their services is soaring and their systems had begun to struggle under the strain.

Information was duplicated across several different systems; payment runs were taking longer every month and an off the shelf rostering solution was crashing and lacked key information leading to management being inundated with queries.

Inflecto worked with the team at Friends Helping at Home to design a platform to resolve these problems and provide a stable foundation for further growth.


Inflecto developed a web-based CRM as a single source of truth for client and carer data. A system providing access to key data for branch managers across the whole franchise and using any device.

It included timesheet entry and integrated with Xero's' accountancy software. Several Azure functions start up when needed to handle automatically issuing invoices, reverse invoices and email notifications.

Inflecto then expaneded on this by developing a bespoke rostering and chat system which leverages React and SignalR to create a rich UI which automatically updates with live updates. This addition ensures every carer can access the information they need and feeds into the administration systems further streamlining the processes.


FHAH Administration Systems Screenshot


The CRM, payroll and integration with Xero accounts package was completed in July 2021. The rostering and chat system went live in December 2021.

The system has been built using an API first approach providing flexibility for system expansion to cover further areas of the Friends Helping at Home franchise.


They listen to what we need, supply everything as we say, and stick to our budget.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about them. They’re brilliant; I recommend them a lot.

Chloe Perry , Commercial Director, Friends Helping at Home

Turbine Inspection Software

PDG Helicopters


PDG provide a wide range of aviation services across a wide variety of sectors. Inflecto were approached by PDG to design and build a platform for managing and performing windfarm turbine inspections.


Inflecto designed and built a cloud-based management platform and a Windows based application called the “Mission Manager” that runs onboard the helicopter performing the survey. There is a web-based system for planning and configuring upcoming jobs and several cloud services that are utilised to further process the images and disseminate information to PDG’s customers.

Inflecto also worked closely with SHOTOVER systems to integrate with the airframes camera system. This integration allows the operator to choose a turbine and have the camera target it to assist in quickly locating the turbine and captures all inflight telemetry and associates this with the images and turbine blade currently being surveyed.


PDG Project Screenshot

Promo Video


The system is currently in use by PDG. Inflecto and PDG are exploring expansion of the system and other possible uses of the technology developed.


We tasked Inflecto with developing mission planning, mission management and data handling software for our custom built aerial camera system.

They delivered a professional software package that harnesses the unique capabilities of our system and greatly contributes to the image quality that we can deliver.

Pete Jones , Head of Filming, PDG Aviation Services


Inflecto Systems


Inflecto were contacted by the E.ON to provide a tool for managing the teams responsible for maintenance of the Robin Rigg windfarm which is located in the Solway Firth.


The solution consists of two web portals. One portal is used by engineers to complete training and induction assessments required for site access and another portal is used to create teams and manage their transfer from the port over to the turbine and back. The system ensures that the workforce going offshore are suitably qualified and that their location within the windfarm is always known.


WF-OPS Project Screenshot


The system has been in use since 2019. Inflecto retained ownership of the software and is looking to extend the functionality further and bring other windfarms on to the platform.


The team at Inflecto listened to our situation and understood our requirements well. They worked hard to develop a bespoke O&M system which surpassed our requirements.

Inflecto continue to operate WF-OPS as a managed service. They are responsive, provide outstanding support and continue to evolve the solution to fit our needs.

We highly recommend Inflecto and WF-OPS.

Andrew Leslie , Operations Engineer, Robin Rigg Wind Farm, RWE

Easy Duty



Resultz offer a range of services to help companies understand the complexities of international trade and provide training courses across the UK and Europe.

While providing these services the team at Resultz are inundated with questions regarding duty calculation, the risks associated with transporting overseas and the formal documentation required along the way.

Resultz required an online international trade tool to alleviate many of these questions and calculate and display the import duty and taxes for sending a specific product to a specific country. The system should also present related country information, incoterms information, required documentation and risk assessments. The aim was to create an intuitive system that could generate revenue for Resultz through a yearly subscription.


Part of the challenges faced was that each country calculated the duties in unique and often complex way. The team were provided with Excel spreadsheets with the duty calculations for each country and devised a web-based interface that could, like Excel, build up formulas and calculations that referenced each other.

Inflecto then developed a customer facing website driven by a simplified content management system which enables free trial and subscription users to calculate import duty in a clean and simple experience.

Further to this the team created a BOT and associated back end systems to monitor and train the BOT that can answer questions relating to trade that are provided in plain text via a chat interface on the website.


Resultz Project Screenshot


The International Trade Tool provides a one stop shop for companies requiring information on international trade.

It's UK launch was in 2021 and the platform already has thousands of subscribers.

We continue to work with Resultz to find more ways to simnplify international trade.


We have worked with Inflecto on a very specific online tool requiring unique software skills to get it off the ground. The results are amazing and the experience of working with Andy, Ross and Jack has been a genuine pleasure.

The response to questions is quick and the end result of what they produce is done in a totally professional manner. They are flexible and have been very proactive in suggestions to help develop our system further, which has made a huge difference to the end result.

I would highly recommend Inflecto to any company looking for software development and we certainly hope to continue to work with them into the future.

Jeff Lewis , Manageing Director, Resultz


Compare Networks


Inflecto worked with Professor Graham Pockley from the University of Sheffield to make his online flow cytometry resource concept a reality. The concept involved creating a specialist online resource to help researchers plan experiments which analyse cells using a technique called flow cytometry.


Inflecto took the concept and created a website which simultaneously interrogates the product catalogues of multiple reagent suppliers and provides current information on reagent availability.

The website ( has a section for designing experiments tailored to specific equipment available at the user's institution. It can also help the researcher identify the correct combination of antibodies, control reagents and companies that can provide these in an easy and intuitive interface.

There's also a portal to other online flow cytometry resources and a unique educational and interactive communication environment allowing researches to access training, share tips and troubleshoot online.


Chromocyte Project Screenshot


The project went live in July 2010 and Professor Graham Pockley won an award as Chromocyte was one of the most successful projects in the Yorkshire Enterprise Fellowship scheme.

The website has a global profile and over 10,000 page views every month.

Since its launch, the website continues to evolve and regularly has visitors from top universities all over the world. Chromocyte has also gained many leading pharmaceutical companies as customers and provides them with a unique advertising opportunity.

In 2012, we added a feature that lets labs worldwide store their flow cytometry instrument configurations online and print off an accompanying poster with a barcode. This lets them jump straight into designing their flow cytometry experiments using the calculated area.

In 2019, we re-developed chromocyte using the latest technologies, optimised the way reagents are managed internally and ensured it responds well to any device.

In 2021, and were aquired by Compare Networks a biotech firm based in San Fransisco. Inflecto now work with Compare Networks to maintain and improve these website.


I have great pleasure in providing a reference for the work of Inflecto Systems Limited.

Chromocyte is a global online information and search resource for scientists, the initial concept for which was conceived by myself in the middle of 2009.

I formally appointed Inflecto Systems Ltd to develop the webpage and associated software architecture for the online searching capabilities in December 2009. They have performed this task to an exceptionally high level, on budget and within agreed time-frame despite the fact the specifications needed changing on a number of occasions. A particularly strong feature of Chromocyte is the Content Management System (CMS) which allows us to add and delete content from the resource with exceptional ease. This has allowed us to respond to our Sponsors very quickly and has, undoubtedly, increased the number of entities that have agreed to pay for our services.

The website has attracted international interest and the product which Inflecto Systems delivered and continue to support is outstanding. Their abilities as software engineers and website designers have allowed them to provide exceptional results, with which I am delighted. There continuing support and responsiveness is also excellent and I therefore have no reservation in recommending Ross and Andy to you.

A. Graham Pockley , Ph.D, Founder & CEO of Chromocyte, Professor of Immunobiology, The University of Sheffield


Quality Health


Quality Health is a Healthcare Commission approved national contractor and works for 360 Trusts throughout England on the National Patient and Staff Surveys. Their work covers Foundation Trusts, Acute Hospitals, Specialist Acute Trusts, PCTs, Mental Health Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, and SHAs - every part of the NHS.

Inflecto took over management of Quality Health’s systems in 2006. Soon after we developed integrations with an EMC Captiva Optical Mark Recognition system that allowed automatic recognition of scanned questionnaires.

Over the coming years, Inflecto Systems continued to provide day to day support, weekly improvements and upgrades to the Extranet. During this period Inflecto Systems were also contracted by Northgate to supply software for the initial pilot of the Patient Reportable Outcomes and Measures (PROMs) system. Quality Health were also working very closely with Northgate on the PROMs pilot and after the pilot Quality Health became a direct supplier of PROMs services.

Between 2006 and 2011 Quality Health grew rapidly. The types of questionnaires they needed to process changed significantly and the workload increased year on year. Systems were struggling to cope with the vast amount of data being pushed through them along with the trend towards more complex survey requirements.

As Quality Health needed to start processing PROMs from end to end and the existing system was already under massive strain, Inflecto recommended a complete redesign of Quality Health’s systems and proposed a project to replace all the questionnaire processing systems.


Inflecto designed a modular system because this would provide the required flexibility to handle both current and future survey programmes. The new system has core functionalities that can be enhanced, combined and extended by the end user via code extensions and workflows.

It also includes a Visual Studio Add-In that allows end users to create workflows in a drag and drop fashion and develop custom code plug-ins that change system functionality in key places. This feature lets the system process very different survey programmes.

The Inflecto solution is comprised of over 10 sub-systems and was built using a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA). The sub-systems all work in concert with each other and key parts are built in such a way to allow for scaling out by adding further processing nodes.

The system also integrates with several key NHS systems such as the Demographics Batch Service (DBS) and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSIC). This lets Quality Health automatically detect deceased patients, or patients that have changed address and upload PROMs data directly to the government.

The system is more secure because the internal and client facing sections are separate. Communication occurs via a limited channel and sensitive data flows exclusively from the less, to the more secure portions of the system.


QMS Project Screenshot


Over the years, our systems have processed millions upon millions of NHS questionnaires and have undoubtedly assisted in the ongoing improvement of their overall services. We’ve had a long-standing partnership with Quality Health and have collaborated on extremely challenging projects with tight deadlines that can suddenly change.

Their new processing systems collected feedback from approximately 2 million questionnaires within the first year.


Quality Health is a Care Quality Commission approved national contractor and works for 325 Trusts throughout England on the National Patient and Staff Surveys.

In 2006 Inflecto worked with us to integrate our newly acquired scanning equipment with our bespoke Extranet system which handles the send out process and data collation of questionnaires.

Inflecto have since provided support for the Extranet.

We've had a relationship with Ross Mason since 2004 when he was working as the senior developer in the team responsible for designing and building the first release of our Extranet system. We always found Ross conscientious, thorough and extremely helpful and we are happy to recommend both Ross and Inflecto Systems.

Mandy Moore , Director, Quality Health Ltd


U Source


In August 2011, we completed the development phase of a system for U-Source. U-Source focus on workforce management within the call centre industry.

U-Source identified a need in the market for an affordable web based scheduling and forecasting system for call centres and needed a technical partner to create their vision.


Inflecto Systems built a hybrid cloud solution with a JavaScript rich web front end and a scheduling layer that could be scaled out using either on premise servers or AWS cloud instances.

The system includes:

  • multi-tenanted cloud based system offering instant provision;
  • simple call forecasting using historical call logs;
  • basic API supporting call log imports and schedule downloads;
  • advanced scheduling functionality based on a genetic algorithm;
  • a powerful JavaScript rich web interface for viewing schedules;
  • full holiday management, including the use of calendars to easily organise holidays;
  • an agent portal allowing agents to manage their own leave.
  • importing and exporting, to and from Excel;

It was developed as a web based .NET application.


UWFM Project Screenshot


The system is intuitive and easy to use. Even for those with little to no previous experience of workforce management systems.

The system launched globally in 2012. Inflecto managed the system on behalf of U-Source until 2015 when we handed it over to a third party to continue development.


The team at Inflecto listened to the vision of what I was trying to achieve and took extraordinary measures to deliver a fully useable system on time and on budget.

T. Wharfe , Founder & CEO of U-Source


Northgate Public Services


Inflecto were contacted by Northgate in partnership with Quality Health after they won a large contract with the Department of Health to manage the Patient Reported Outcomes and Measures (PROMs) pilot.

Inflecto was the ideal partner to develop a solution since it had previously worked with Quality Health on similar systems and had relevant experience with NHS Patient questionnaires.


The project proved challenging because of the number of diverse systems and companies involved. This meant Inflecto had to work closely with several different divisions within Northgate, external suppliers and contractors simultaneously.

The system was developed as a web based .NET application and hosted in Northgate’s data centre.

The final system included components to:

  • grant secure access to partner organisations based throughout the UK;
  • allow the creation and administration of questionnaires;
  • manage helpline calls from candidates and log these appropriately;
  • perform data quality checks on, and data modification of questionnaires;
  • act as an image archival system / data repository so questionnaires can be viewed and edited by operators to correct OCR and coding errors;
  • allow early interception of errors at the scanning stage through secure web services.

Further Info


The system was delivered in two phases with the final phase going live in August 2009. The system now successfully manages high volumes of questionnaires. Every patient in the UK who has one of four surgical operations (general hernia, knee replacement, hip replacement or various vein surgeries) will receive two questionnaires managed and processed by the system. In future it's likely the service will be expanded to cover a wider variety of procedures.

You can read more about the proms project on the NHS website


Inflecto Systems Ltd is providing Northgate Public Sector with bespoke Questionnaire Integrity checking functionality via the implementation of a .Net/SQL server based application. The first phase of implementation has been completed and is to be deployed into live operation shortly. This is part of a national (England) service hosted within Northgate’s own data centre it's providing to the Department of Health.

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