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For an easy to use operations and maintenance system speak to Inflecto about WF-OPS.

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Works on Any Device

The portals are compatible with any device. The software was developed to simplify engineer’s processes, enabling them to complete this information before their visit or on route to the site via their mobile device.

Planning & Manifesting

A key aspect of WF-OPS is the ease and speed of the planning and manifesting process through this intuitive software.

Setting up jobs is straightforward, with the ability to quickly select and edit standard permits and job descriptions.

Any personnel who have not met the vessel crew or offshore access requirements are highlighted red and can only be included in the manifest if special dispensation is granted and through an override.

Transfer manifests can be printed or saved as PDF. The software is incredibly flexible; for example, when work needs to be moved forward due to bad weather, in WF-OPS, by specifying the reason, you can create rollover days and shift a manifest forward accordingly.

The software allows the user to generate multiple manifest schedules across several days through its intuitive creation process. Currently, the software is designed for vessels, but we are keen to develop the system further to make it work for other vehicle types.

Integrated Map and Weather

WF-OPS includes an overarching map of the field that displays all turbines and the surrounding area and indicates if personnel are present on turbines. When the user hovers over the screen, an extensive list of personnel appears. If turbines have related exceptions or access restrictions, the type of restriction will appear.

We have partnered with DTN to display real-time weather on the integrated map for an additional cost.

Transfer Log

In WF-OPS, the transfer log section provides an auditable platform that details the transfer of control. All information can be downloaded as a PDF. The log is used to track and monitor:

  • Vessel sail times.
  • The time personnel are transferred onto a turbine.
  • When control of the turbine is transferred to an engineer.
  • The name of the engineer in command.
  • When engineers keep control overnight.
  • When control is transferred back to the wind farm.
  • When personnel are moved off the turbine.
  • If a different vessel is used to return to port.
  • Any additional comments.

Robin Rigg Windfarm Reference

The team at Inflecto listened to our situation and understood our requirements well. They worked hard to develop a bespoke O&M system which surpassed our requirements.

Inflecto continue to operate WF-OPS as a managed service. They are responsive, provide outstanding support and continue to evolve the solution to fit our needs.

We highly recommend Inflecto and WF-OPS.

Andrew Leslie , Operations Engineer, Robin Rigg Wind Farm, RWE

And much more...

  • Turbine Register
  • Vessel Register
  • Asset Register
  • Training Modules with:
    • Presentations
    • Training videos
    • Questionnaires
  • WINDA Integration
  • SMS Alerts based on specific triggers.
  • Timeline
  • Reports
WF-OPS Project Screenshot

For an easy to use operations and maintenance system speak to Inflecto about WF-OPS.

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