Systems Integration

Making the move from old to new

Typically many businesses may rely on several disparate systems to complete their daily tasks with different departments preferring different software vendors. Linking these systems together in a way that allows each part of the business to use their preferred system for their daily work whilst presenting a unified experience to your customers can be extremely challenging.

In our interconnected world it is no longer enough for your system to stop at the gates of your organisation and increasingly requirements for secure data flows that directly reach out to your partners, clients and suppliers are the norm.

We are experts at systems integration and some of our most long standing clients rely daily on our expertise building solutions that span several different systems. On a very basic level we have supplied a solution integrating a third party accounts package into a completely bespoke ERP system so that the accounts department can use their specialised accounts package whilst the factory floor, back office and sales teams use a highly customised ERP system to manage the rest of the companies daily tasks. On a more complicated level we have dealt with systems that pass great deals of patient information and integrate with several differing NHS systems.

Of course when dealing with sensitive information crossing business boundaries this data must be protected. We have a vast amount of experience in designing systems in such a way that the attack surface is minimised along with minimizing the impact of any such security breach by only exposing the minimum of information on external facing interfaces along with strong encryption techniques for ensuring data is protected whilst in transit.

Whatever kind of integration you are facing we have the skills to both build the middleware that enables the integration and liaise with all the involved parties to ensure the project is a success.