Software Consultancy

Architecture Design

Our team have extensive experience of making the most of the cloud and can assist in designing the optimum architecture to meet your requirements for scalability, reliability and affordability.

Project Management

Our team has been involved in many different types of software projects and have seen both good and bad management practises first hand. We are well placed to assess and offer external guidance on a current project and the way the team is working together or to directly manage a project.

Feasibility Studies

We can take an early stage idea and produce a comprehensive report helping to scope the project, completing risk analysis and providing recommendations regarding the required budget and development process.

Business Systems

System Analysis and Design

We take as much time as needed to understand your processes and goals for your system. Where possible we will offer suggestions for optimising or automating processes.

Agile / Lean Management

We work using industry best practise, utilising agile methods because this means our activities are always adding value to the project. Read more about the way we work in the method section.

Lifecycle Management

We will work to understand your medium and long term goals for your system. We will assist you in making informed choices about how your system evolves over the longer term, ensuring that the maximum value is reached from your investment in the system.

Cloud Apps

Flexibility and Scalability

We design, deliver and manage cloud architectures that automatically scale and enable low latency service delivery across the globe.


Most customers don’t need the scalability offered by the cloud but the reliability the cloud can offer at a reasonable price makes sense for all but the smallest companies. We work with our cloud partners to design architectures that are resilient and cost effective and as such can offer SLA’s backed by industry leaders such as Microsoft.


Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software, and setting up and running on-site data centres.

Systems Integration

Creating and Consuming API’s

We have experience of designing and building API’s that follow best practise. We work with complex third party API’s and have successfully navigated approval processes defined by large organisations such as the NHS.

Middleware and Automation

We have extensive experience of dealing with data flowing across the edge of systems and can develop complex middleware to manage the ingesting, cleaning, rejection and approval process for all this data.


Opening API’s in to your systems increases it's vulnerablility to attack. We understand this and design and build systems that are inherently secure and limit the amount of damage or data loss that can occur as part of a system breach.

Artificial Intelligence

Data Mining

We can help you extract knowledge, patterns and information from pre-existing large datasets.

Machine Learning

We have experience of developing algorithms that can learn from data within your system and use this to predict future outcomes. Example uses of this technology include cancer detection, machine failure prediction or predicting people that are likely to purchase a product or service.

Optimisation Algorithms

We can help with complex problems relating to ordering of tasks, scheduling of work, route planning and many other real world optimisation problems.



We can provide a service where we monitor any system we have developed and respond to any outage or fault that occurs 24/7.

User Support

We operate a helpdesk during normal office hours and can optionally provide access to engineers outside these hours via a support mobile number.


We are happy to negotiate and operate under SLA’s giving you confidence in uptime and response time.

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