Workforce Management System for U-Source

Completed in 2011 for U-Source


In August 2011 we completed the development phase of a system for U-Source. U-Source focus upon workforce management within the contact centre industry.

U-Source had identified a need in the market for an affordable web based scheduling and forecasting system for contact centres and needed a technical partner to build their vision.


Inflecto Systems built a hybrid cloud solution with a classic web front end and a scheduling layer that could be scaled out using either on premise servers or AWS cloud instances. 

The system included: 

  • multi-tenanted cloud based system offering instant provision;
  • simple call forecasting using historical call logs;
  • basic API supporting call log imports and schedule downloads;
  • advanced scheduling functionality based on a genetic algorithm;
  • a powerful JavaScript rich web interface for viewing schedules;
  • full holiday management, including the use of calendars to easily organise holidays;
  • an agent portal allowing agents to manage their own leave.
  • importing and exporting, to and from Excel;

It was developed as a web based .NET application.


The system is intuitive and easy to use, including for people with little or no previous experience of workforce management systems.

The system was launched globally in 2012. Inflecto Systems managed the system on behalf of U-Source until 2015 when we handed the system over to a third party to continue development.