Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

During 2009 Inflecto completed software that formed an essential part of the NHS Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) pilot


Inflecto Systems were contacted by Northgate when in partnership with Quality Health they won a large contract with the Department of Health to manage the Patient Reported Outcomes and Measures (PROMs) pilot.

Since Inflecto Systems had worked with Quality Health previously on similar systems and had experience and knowledge of dealing with NHS Patient questionnaires they were the ideal partner to develop the solution.


One of the major challenges involved with the project was the amount of disperse systems and companies involved in the project. Inflecto systems had to work in close conjunction with several different divisions within Northgate and several external suppliers and contractors to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

The system was developed as a web based .NET application which was hosted in Northgate’s data centre.

The final system included components to:

  • allow secure access to partner organisations based throughout the UK;
  • allow the creation and administration of questionnaires;
  • manage helpline calls received from candidates and log these appropriately;
  • perform data quality checks against the questionnaires and allow modifications of data;
  • act as an image archival system / data repository so that questionnaires can be viewed and edited by operators to correct OCR and coding errors;
  • allow early interception of errors at the scanning stage through secure web services.


The system was delivered in two phases with the final phase going live in August 2009. The system now successfully manages large volumes of questionnaires. Every patient in the UK who has one of four surgical operations (general hernia, knee replacement, hip replacement or various vein surgeries) will receive two questionnaires which are managed and processed by the system. In the future it is likely that the service will be expanded to cover a much wider variety of procedures.

You can read more about the proms project on the NHS website.