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Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, I grew up always wanting to follow in my dad's footsteps and run my own business. I was also always fascinated by computers and seemed to get the hang of them better than my dad so I helped him wherever I could and he helped me build my first computer. 

While at university in Sheffield I met Ross, someone who also shared the vision of running his own business and the idea of Inflecto was born. 

Inflecto is Latin for 'to effect or to change'. Working with software we could see how we could effect and change business for the better so this inspiring phrase became the name of our company. If you're interested in knowing more about our beginning just ask.

To sum me up I am fascinated with technology, engineering and software. I am passionate about what I do, I am here because I want to be and I actively enjoy creating visions of systems which can help and empower, then there's the challenge of putting them together, something I revel in too. 

My expertise is in interface design and implementation. I have successfully made complex systems seem simple to control through intuitive design so I am proud of what I have achieved. 

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