How We Work

Extremely Agile - There's method to the madness

We work on a wide variety of software projects so we try to be flexible in the way we approach our software development projects. Each piece of bespoke software is managed in a way that suits the individual project.

We do, however, work using Agile development principles. This means that we accept that we will not gather all of the requirements from the start and we expect requirements to change or emerge during the development process.

Early feedback and the ability to refine and re-prioritise features that make up the project are key to both the way we work and the success of our projects. As a client you will be fully involved in the software development process and as a result can expect software which closely matches both the needs of your end users and your ultimate business goals.

The diagram below depicts the way we work. You will notice that we generally work in two weekly cycles, where we first prioritise and define the features to be developed in this software development iteration and then after developing those features we demonstrate them to you either through a face to face meeting or via an online walkthrough. This allows us to discuss any defects or new features that arise from the demonstration. During the demo we will also prioritise and assign the features for development in the next iteration.