Extranet & Intranet Development

Organizing information and consolidating process’s across the business boundary

Most of the systems we build revolve around a web based core that is accessible within our client’s organization and thus are categorized as Intranets. Many of our clients also opt for limited access to their clients because of the high demand for organisations to provide online platforms, from which their clients can transfer and manage data in an efficient and secure manner.

The internet is a key part of people’s lives. We are getting more and more accustomed to our information being at our fingertips whether through our phones, tablets, laptops or computers. Customer portals are becoming increasingly common place in today’s business.

There are security risks associated with this as these are gateways to your business and the data it holds. We understand these risks and intelligently layer a system so users on our portals can only access the information they are supposed to and any security breach will only have access to a limited subset of data.

In essence extranets make business easier for your customers. Extranets also help you to save money. An extranet can help you spend less on supplies, staffing, or other overheads through the elimination of inefficient often paper based processes. Eliminating just one paper-based process can save time and yield dramatic savings. If a portal or an extranet is developed correctly it will be a win-win situation for you and your clients.