Benefits of Process Automation

Wednesday February 5, 2014

In many businesses there is considerable time spent repeating the same activities, things like compiling spreadsheets and reports, preparing documents and sending them through the post or by e-mail. These often seem like small jobs but even in the smallest organisation the time spent across those small jobs can mount up rapidly. These activities are perfect candidates for automation.

Automate Your Business

The automation process may seem risky, what happens if the process changes? What happens if it goes wrong? Will I even know?

These worries are soon forgotten with the help and support of an experienced software team backing you up. A skilled team will set up the system to work how you want it to, built in a way that offers you full control or simplified and handled by them if you wish. Either way most changes shouldn’t take long and should definitely be quicker than retraining staff.

If things go wrong as inevitably they sometimes do then help should be no more than a phone call away, the fix itself may take a bit of time but once in place the inherent power of an automated process means work can be reproduced in a matter of seconds, even if its hundreds of reports or millions of records.

Typically when Inflecto build systems that incorporate automated processes we also take on a monitoring role where we monitor the service and often fix faults before our clients are even aware that there was a problem.

Automated processes will help you to have predictable and accurate interactions with your customers and suppliers and this will help to retain custom and increase confidence in your businesses daily activities.

Automating monotonous processes frees the brains in your business to completely focus on the situations that matter and from our experience this leads to growth.

Once a process has been automated this particular process will handle growth without any further requirements. Having automated processes will also make it easier to train new staff and will stop any quality issues due to staff interpretation of business processes.

At Inflecto we have been automating business processes since 2006, so we have seen the positive affects they bring, the freeing up of time and resources, the growth from being able to focus on customers.

If you feel your business could benefit from process automation, please get in touch for a free consultation and we will see how we can help.

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Written by Andy