So why would a business want bespoke software anyway?

Wednesday November 20, 2013

If you want to increase efficiency or get ahead of the competition bespoke software can help. 

Bespoke -SoftwareBespoke software gives you the ability to re-engineer the processes in your business. Instead of working in a way which suits everyone else, as is the case with most ‘off the shelf’ software, you choose to work the way you want to. Taking complete control of your processes will give you an edge over your competition.

Custom software once built is continually refined so it’s always doing exactly what you need it to do. Your software can be updated at a moment’s notice to reflect your operating environment. After one call to your software developers your business can begin to adapt. Within a few hours your processes can be changed and your business is steaming ahead. While everyone else are still waiting for their off the shelf software providers, who probably have no intention of changing their solution.

Software plays a crucial role in modern organisations managing everything from content management, human resource management, inventory management and customer management.

Bespoke software development services are increasing in popularity with more and more companies choosing to use them. There are many benefits to running customised software but the key reason for most companies is the flexibility that is provided by having a solution that has been tailored explicitly for them. Every company is looking to obtain flexibility and custom software provides them with that. Companies are in competition against each other and bespoke software provides a company with a key edge over the competition by making processes cheaper, more responsive and more professional. Custom software can provide improvements in efficiency, customer satisfaction and unlock growth potential by allowing you to adapt your business processes using an efficient and engineered approach leaving more time for the company to focus on exceeding clients’ demands and surpassing your competition.  

To develop great custom software the developers need to learn about the business and apply creative thinking along with software engineering best practise. During this process the software developers have to take time to get to know the company and get a feel for the company ethos whilst clearly documenting the current processes and future requirements. This process is quite demanding taking considerable time and effort to get right.

At Inflecto we have been making innovative custom software since 2006, we have accumulated a wide range of experience and knowledge in designing and developing software through working on many challenging projects.

We love finding out about new companies over a coffee so if you feel you could benefit from a bespoke software system just get in touch and we’ll offer a free consultation so you understand what is possible.

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Written by Andy