We have completed the new Quality Health Management System!

Friday December 20, 2013

It’s been a marathon which has took nearly two and a half years, pushed the boundaries of our programming skills and now I’m proud to say we have reached the finishing line.

QMS as we call it has undoubtedly been the most complicated system we have ever produced, so it’s not surprising we are so proud of what has been accomplished. We have stretched what even we thought was possible and have successfully increased what’s possible for Quality Health.

The last part of the system which we have just finished has been a bespoke questionnaire portal where by participants can view and complete questionnaires. The portal can be branded as per Quality Health’s clients wishes. It’s easy to use, easy to brand, the questionnaires are automatically built up from the data we have in the system and all of these things can be changed while the portal is live. On completion the participants are created, answers are saved and workflow is started taking the data through the various stages of its life cycle. Feedback has been great from some very impressed clients so we are going into this Christmas break with smiles on our faces.

Bespoke Questionnaire Portal

There are so many other aspects to this system but most of them will be saved for when we update the project page early in the New Year. However here are some of the highlights:

  • A client portal so NHS trusts can securely send data to Quality Health, view progress and various reports and statistics relating to their surveys.
  • Integration with NHS systems so QMS can automatically check operation data, trace addresses and send direct to the NHS the final reports.
  • Workflow which handles vast quantities of data, taking it through the many stages of its life cycle.
  • The ability to create and amend workflow through an intuitive interface.
  • We enabled the staff at Quality Health to write their own code which can handle specific aspects which were particularly complicated. To smooth this process we wrote a domain specific language which in layman’s terms is a programming language written to work only for this system, does only what it needs to do and is therefore simple to understand and work with.
  • Automatic report generation which produces in seconds thousands of stylised spreadsheet reports and places them in locations for their clients to automatically pick up.
  • Database optimisation ensuring every transaction is extremely efficient
  • Currently 17 sub-systems which all work in concert with each other.

For some background information on this project please click here.

Of course the job is never done and we look forward to seeing how this system will evolve over the coming years.

For now we have a couple of prospects for the New Year but nothing too massive so if anyone has a project which needs completing to a high standard we look forward to hearing from you.

From us at Inflecto we hope you have a great Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year.

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Written by Andy