How to Rate a Software Developer

Monday May 3, 2010

So what exactly are the qualities of a great developer? Want a pay-rise, got a job interview? Here’s what most managers and team leaders are looking for when hiring, reviewing and working with employees:

1) Is it Quantity, Quality or Both?

An intelligent custom software developer knows what steps are required to produce excellent results in the least amount of time. The organizational, analytical and communication skills they possess in combination with knowledge and experience allow these people to quickly and effectively provide the quantity needed and the quality expected.

2) How do they tackle the problem at hand?

Developers must completely comprehend the problem before jumping in to create any solutions. Consult with others and ask questions to understand all aspects of the dilemma. Developers who consider relaying their understanding of the problem to others allow them to be part of the resolution process.

3) Do they Mange Themselves?

The exceptional developer comprehends what the result must be, works within the timeline provided, ensures the quality required and uses all available tools to produce the result. Repeatedly interpreting and identifying problems actual or expected in addition to timely resolutions builds company confidence towards its employees. Individuals gain a reputation as being dependable and efficient.

4) What Does the Client Say? Are They Satisfied?

A great software developer understands the needs and requirements of the client. Consider the client part of the building process. Continuous communication ensures their expectations are clear and assures them the desired results will be exact.

5) Do They “Auto Update?”

Optimise yourself, obtain inexpensive techniques by reading information found in user groups, blogs, magazines and developer social networks. Make time for classes or conventions. Set personal and professional goals for development and achievement.

6) Are They a True Team Player?

Share knowledge and skills with other members of the team when the opportunity presents itself. Present ideas and solutions in a professional and encouraging manner. Learn by accepting ideas and criticism from others. Brainstorming amongst co-workers brings a larger variety of innovative concepts and ideas that one person working alone would not experience.

7) How Well Do they Communicate?

Bespoke (custom) software developers must be able to communicate effectively and specifically. Practice these skills whether composing an e-mail or addressing an executive meeting. Provide details, precision and clarity. Effective communication skills build confidence and ensure that others are aware of an individual’s talents, qualities and qualifications.

8) Are they Organised? Do They Portray the Image Your Company Needs?

Detail tasks systematically, arrange tasks to complete them in a timely fashion, perform duties in a tidy work environment, and quickly provide requested information on past projects, meeting minutes or current job progress. This includes portraying a professional well-groomed appearance appropriate for the work environment.

9) Do they Go Above and Beyond the Call to Duty?

Work the hours necessary to complete the job, be it extra time in the evenings or working on the weekends. Provide assistance and offer direction when the situation presents itself.

10) Are they Passionate?

Quality performance comes from custom software developers who genuinely care about what they do and how they accomplish the result. Employees with passion are naturally willing to empower themselves to achieve excellence in their production and encourage others to do the same.

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Written by Andy