Inflecto Systems Software Development Blog

Christmas Opening Hours

As usual we will be taking an extended Christmas break over the festive season. We will be closed from the 22nd of December through to the 2nd of January.

Closure of the Digital Region

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Danni Hewson for BBC Look North on the back of a report on Business Broadband by the FSB.

Benefits of Process Automation

In many businesses there is considerable time spent repeating the same activities, things like compiling spreadsheets and reports, preparing documents and sending them through the post or by e-mail. These often seem like small jobs but even in the smallest organisation the time spent across those small jobs can mount up rapidly. These activities are perfect candidates for automation.

Bring on 2014 – We Can’t Wait

We move in to the New Year full of excitement and we would like to thank our special bunch of clients who have believed in us over the years and allowed us to reach where we are now.

We have completed the new Quality Health Management System!

It’s been a marathon which has took nearly two and a half years, pushed the boundaries of our programming skills and now I’m proud to say we have reached the finishing line. QMS as we call it has undoubtedly been the most complicated system we have ever produced, so it’s not surprising we are so proud of what has been accomplished. We have stretched what even we thought was possible and have successfully increased what’s possible for Quality Health.