The Team

If you have a problem that no one else can solve then you just might need the Inflecto Team!

The managerial team at Inflecto consists of Andrew and Ross who have been working on software development projects since meeting at university in 1999. Andy and Ross have a wealth of experience in the industry.

Either Andy or Ross or both are involved in all projects undertaken by Inflecto. Both are competent in the specification, design and development of complex systems. However, Ross will normally take the lead in situations that are technically challenging while Andy will take the lead when a project involves complex business processes and also has a keen eye for user interface design.

Jack is the newest member of the team and is working part time in between his studies to gain a Software Engineering Degree from Sheffield Hallam University.

Occasionally we work with freelancers who share our same passion to deliver great software. All freelancers working on projects for clients are UK based and work from our offices in Sheffield.

We are also committed towards the continuous personal development of the team at Inflecto. All staff complete ongoing training as part of their position. The training any staff member undertakes will ultimately be up to them and could be offsite training, industry recognised certifications or online training. All our staff members have access to extensive online repositories of courses and can take time off from their daily duties for training purposes with the company picking up training / travelling costs for any courses.

Overall we are committed to having a small well trained team here at Inflecto and we are keen to grow the team slowly so we can foster and maintain the culture of excellence.