Our Technical Capabilities

Some of the tools we use on a daily basis

We primarily develop in Microsoft .NET coupled with the most current web based client side technologies.

We are a Microsoft partner and have earned their Silver Application Development Competency which means that we have shown through client references and examination of key staff that we are knowledgeable and capable of using Microsoft’s Application Development Frameworks such as .NET and MVC.NET and development tools such as Visual Studio 2012 to develop cutting edge software.

Being a Microsoft partner provides assurance that first of all we are familiar with Microsoft’s development stack but more than that we have access to support and guidance for times when we are pushing the envelope of what the tools are actually able to do.

Our decision to use Microsoft tools really stems from the fact that we really enjoy working with the .NET framework and have a lot of experience in using it across many different projects. In our mind there are only two frameworks we would use for the core of our work to be based around; these being .NET and Java. It is fairly easy to arrive at these two frameworks since both are popular, strongly typed languages that provide in-built memory management and offer very rich inbuilt functionality. To choose one over the other is a bit harder but we essentially choose .NET over Java because we know that many of our clients will already be using Microsoft’s technologies and may also have an established relationship with Microsoft.

Although we prefer to work with Microsoft technologies at the core of our systems we are more than happy to deal with other frameworks, languages and technologies should the need arise and utilise a lot of other open source frameworks and tools within our projects. We are also more than happy to learn new technologies / methods of working as needed on a per project basis.

Here is a list of technologies and tools we currently build upon to bring our current solutions to life: