About Us

Dedicated to innovative software solutions that solve everyday problems

Our Mission

To design, develop and maintain software systems in the most effective and efficient manor, allowing us to focus on making everyday tasks easier for our customers no matter where they may be.

Our Approach

We ensure we are aware of current best practice across the software development industry and we incorporate this into our way of working. We are constantly looking at ways we can improve our engagement with clients and our overall project management. We are currently following an agile project management system which borrows heavily from Scrum / Kanban. Crucially our way of working enables flexibility within the project scope and early and consistent feedback throughout the software development process.

We keep abreast of new technologies and all staff members are continually trained on new architectures and technologies. We try to be aware of the current trends and headwinds in the industry but not get swept up in them by only using new advanced technologies and systems when it makes sense for the individual project we happen to be working on.

We always treat every project as unique. We take care to design exactly what is needed without reselling existing bits of software that we or our vendors already have. However, we also understand that if we or someone else already has a solution that fits our use case then there is nothing to be gained by re-inventing the wheel.

We want to foster long term relationships with our clients and manage your software through its entire lifetime. We do this through a set of support packages that offer guaranteed support when you need it, along with automatic monitoring and maintenance of software systems and discounted rates for changes to the software.


You get the software your business needs now and the peace of mind that this can be transitioned to face the challenges of tomorrow with a minimum of fuss. Ideally this software will pay for itself through increased sales or increases in customer satisfaction.

You will not have to worry about backups, maintaining databases to ensure they are running smoothly or dealing with the security of the system because the experts at Inflecto Systems will have you covered.

Inflecto Promises

  • We don’t employ salesman. Salesmen promise the earth without worrying if they can actually deliver on their promises. All contact with Inflecto will be direct with the software developers who will be responsible for your project.
  • All our software development consultants offer simple practical advice which is always tailored to your best interests.
  • We have a strong commitment to maintaining a highly skilled team of software developers and invest heavily on training to ensure we can always draw upon in-depth knowledge to ensure we are providing the most suitable solution to a given problem.
  • We won't outsource or offshore your project. All development will be done in house by Inflecto.
  • We recognise that software development is a business investment and our clients are looking for a specific return on their investment. We will work to understand what your goals and tailor our services accordingly.

The Story So Far

In 1999 two fresh faced young students turned up to one of their first tutorials at Sheffield Hallam University and were put in a team together to work on a project involving Structured Systems Analysis and Design. This was the first project our founders Ross and Andrew worked on together. Andrew and Ross shared a belief that they would both like to run their own business after university and formulated ideas for what form this business may take and how much richer this would make their lives from early on in their relationship. During university the pair continued to work together and found they made a pretty good team with contrasting skills that worked very well when combined.

In 2002 after university the pair returned back home to work but neither found jobs that were making particular good use of their skills with Ross performing IT support for CSC and Andrew filling several different temporary positions. It was decided that this was no good and the pair made plans for a move back to Sheffield.

Three months later they had moved in to a flat in Dore and began working on plans for their business naming it Inflecto Systems. Initially the company looked at options for networking student accommodation and becoming a wireless ISP and although they did network a few properties on behalf of landlords it was quickly decided that this was not the future of the business. At around the same time Ross started to work for a company called Bootroom that specialized in complex content managed websites and quickly rose to the senior developer position where he pushed for the company to take on more complicated software development projects.

Time passed and although the company was still formed and ideas were worked on there wasn’t much progress for a couple of years until Ross left his job at Bootroom to work for a much larger company (CSE Servelec) who were working on patient administration systems for the NHS. Shortly after making the move Ross started to get offers for freelance work from contacts built up during his previous role and after only six months got an offer he couldn’t refuse and started working as a consultant under the Inflecto Systems brand in the summer of 2006. The first major project Inflecto Systems undertook was a systems integration project where Ross linked the questionnaire processing system he wrote during his time at Bootroom for Quality Health to an Optimal Mark Recognition System supplied by EMC Captiva.

For the first contract Ross worked from a mixture of the client’s offices and home but it quickly became obvious that this was not sustainable and in 2007 Inflecto Systems moved in to an office at SCEDU on Kelham Island in where they remain to this day. At around about this time Ross started taking on other freelance work and the company started to build its client base.

In 2008 the company became well established and was receiving a regular work stream from several different clients with too much work for Ross to handle on his own. Andy who had already been working evenings and weekends made the leap and left his full time job for Inflecto Systems. With Andy part of the team the company started to get more organized in the back office and started to work more strategically.

Throughout the following years the company continued to grow and among other highlights was contracted by Northgate to deliver the software used for the Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) project and developed their first multi tenanted cloud base system for U-WFM. To find out more please visit our projects page.