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We have completed the new Quality Health Management System!

It’s been a marathon which has took nearly two and a half years, pushed the boundaries of our programming skills and now I’m proud to say we have reached the finishing line. QMS as we call it has undoubtedly been the most complicated system we have ever produced, so it’s not surprising we are so proud of what has been accomplished. We have stretched what even we thought was possible and have successfully increased what’s possible for Quality Health.

Welcome to our new website – We’re back!

It’s been quite some time in the making but we have finally got round to updating our web presence. The old site has been around since 2006 and as such was starting to look quite dated. Freeing up some time to redevelop the site has been very difficult as we have been so busy but we have finally got it done.

Skills Needed to be a Web Developer in 2011

Many web developers think they already have all the knowledge they need to continue their careers. Check out this list of the ten skills all web developers must have to succeed in 2011 and beyond, and see how you measure up.

Chromocyte Goes Live

Our latest project "Chromocyte", an innovative resource for helping people locate and research reagents for use in flow cytometry experiments has just gone live at

Chromocyte Wins Award

Inflecto Systems are very pleased and would like to congratulate Chromocyte Ltd who have won a Yorkshire Enterprise Fellowship Award and were recognised as one of the most successful projects in the Yorkshire Enterprise Fellowship scheme.