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Bring on 2014 – We Can’t Wait

We move in to the New Year full of excitement and we would like to thank our special bunch of clients who have believed in us over the years and allowed us to reach where we are now.

We have completed the new Quality Health Management System!

It’s been a marathon which has took nearly two and a half years, pushed the boundaries of our programming skills and now I’m proud to say we have reached the finishing line. QMS as we call it has undoubtedly been the most complicated system we have ever produced, so it’s not surprising we are so proud of what has been accomplished. We have stretched what even we thought was possible and have successfully increased what’s possible for Quality Health.

So why would a business want bespoke software anyway?

Bespoke software gives you the ability to re-engineer the processes in your business. Instead of working in a way which suits everyone else, as is the case with most ‘off the shelf’ software, you choose to work the way you want to. Taking complete control of your processes will give you an edge over your competition.

Managing Changing Business Requirements in Software Systems

Here at Inflecto Systems we are currently bidding for a project which will be a replacement for one of the first major software systems I developed after leaving University. At the time I was working as senior developer for a company that had previously specialised mainly in web design. So why do we need to entirely replace the system?

Skills Needed to be a Web Developer in 2011

Many web developers think they already have all the knowledge they need to continue their careers. Check out this list of the ten skills all web developers must have to succeed in 2011 and beyond, and see how you measure up.